HIGHGATE - forging a new way in non-fiction publishing

hgp newbooksE-books and digital print-on-demand have opened up a new era - and freed writers from their confines.

My name is Robin Bromby and for the 30-plus years during which I have been writing books I have been constrained to writing about subjects dealing with the area of the world in which I live - Australia and New Zealand. And anyone interested in the subjects I write about but who lives outside Australasia has until recently not been able to read my books.


No longer - on both scores. Authors like me can reach out to new subjects, to international topics, knowing that now potentially we can reach out to a global audience. As for the readers, they, through the international reach of Amazon, can now buy books written anywhere in the world. And take their choice: buy them as an e-book (and Amazon offers a free Kindle download) or in paperback format.

Later in 2014 Highgate Publishing's website will feature a regular (free) blog. If you want to be alerted to its introduction, or when we publish a new book title, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Highgate Publishing sees the non-fiction e-book as a wonderful new tool for readers. It allows out-of-print books to be brought back to life. It also brings an exciting array of new titles, especially on niche subjects, that would never probably justify the vast costs and overheads involved in traditional publishing.
It also allows authors to by-pass the enormous firewall put up by the traditional publishing houses and literary agents.